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GPT-3 Prompt Generator

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Product Description:

This is the last GPT-3 prompt you'll ever have to buy.

Instantly generate any prompt you want for GPT-3. 

Explain the prompt you want or the task you want completed and have the best and most appropriate prompts generated for you. All prompts generated are designed to yield the most desirable and contextually useful results from GPT-3. 

**Also compatible with ChatGPT: Instantly generate prompts to produce the best responses with ChatGPT


Example Input:

“A prompt that will generate marketing copy that will increase conversions”


Example Output:

Act as a professional copywriter, and create a compelling marketing copy that will drive conversions. Describe the benefits of a product or service in a convincing and engaging way, while also emphasizing the urgency of taking action. Consider the target audience and their needs, pain points and interests, and craft a message and value proposition that will lead them to take action. Accompany this with an irresistible call-to-action.